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SONGSTAR is a Songwriting program for kids in hospice care that allows them to safely express their feelings and thoughts through music, lyrics and ultimately a fully produced original song.

Happy Little Girl

SONGSTAR is funded by generous donors who want to help children in need feel supported and cared for in their final days. The songs that are created by the children are used as legacy items for the family so that they can remember and honor these brave children.

Here's how it works:

Young Guitarist

A SONGSTAR songwriting coach will work with the child to find out what the child wants to write about. They'll talk and through the process of discovery, will figure out what will most make the child feel safe, comfortable and happy. 


Because many of the children aren't in the condition required to get up on stage, this process allows them to be the star from the comfort of their own homes and beds.

At the Studio

Next, the SONGSTAR songwriting coach will create melodies and a fully formed song structure. Through a network of the most talented musicians in the country, they will record and send the guide track of the song so that production can begin. 

Music Studio

The musicians on the SONGSTAR team will craft and record a fully produced radio-ready professional and modern track complete with instruments, and vocals so that the child and their family will be able to enjoy their creation at full volume.


Once complete the MP3 of the song will be emailed to the child and their family to enjoy forever. 

They will also be sent a Gold record award much like the RIAA award for selling thousands of copies of a record. 

Their name and the title of their song will be printed on the award.

This adds an additional level of pride, accomplishment and happiness for what they've created and provides a physical piece of history to honor the life and legacy of the child. 

Yellow Theme Photo Shoot

SONGSTAR is a non-profit fully funded by donations from generous and caring people like you. Please consider donating to support the program. Your contribution is tax deductible and goes towards paying the musicians that contribute to the song, the costs for the award and much much more.

Click here for a link to hear past songs created by the program.

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*SONGSTAR is a a 501(c)(3) charity so your donations are tax-deductible


SONGSTAR was created by songwriter, musician and voice-actor MYKÄL (Michael Christopher Caputo). SONGSTAR evolved out of his work as a behaviorist with children with special needs, to using music therapy at Mychal's Learning Place in Culver City California. From there he had an idea to use music and songwriting with kids in hospice care and was able to launch his program (the first of it's kind) at Providence Trinity Care Hospice in the South Bay. The program was so well received he was asked to speak at conferences and play the songs that were created and to tell the story of how they came to be.In some cases the songs were used at the services of the children, which was a huge honor. MYKÄL's intention is to make SONGSTAR a Nationwide program that spans across all 50 states so that every child that wants to can create their own special song.

Board of Directors


Mel Johnson Jr.

Mel Johnson Jr. is an American character actor and film producer from Long Island CityQueens, in New York City.

He is most known for his role as Benny in the 1990 film 'Total Recall' as well as his storied career on Broadway in productions like 'the Lion King' and 'Jekyll and Hyde' among others.

Mel also served on the Board of Directors at the Imagination Workshop at UCLA.

Copy of SONGST R-2.png
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